I decided to create a New Yorker magazine cover for my final project for advanced graphic design class inspired by the style of Cubism. The goal was to communicate a cultural phenomenon, current event or state of affairs in 2018 which appeal to a larger audience of readers and intellectuals, but is  abstract enough to still be Cubism. 
I chose to focus on the recently highlighted relationship between President Trump and Kim Jong Un by representing their forms on a playing card. Sometimes 2018 politics feels like a giant game, and the jokers seem to have all the cards right now. I wanted this piece to show the sober reality of the times but still be clever and entertaining.​​​​​​​
Just like a playing card, the magazine design can be flipped around to reveal a reverse Kim Jong Un. It would be amazing to the New Yorker magazines printed half and half, some with Trump on top and some with Jong Un on top. Oh yes, the political irony is just endless.
The style of cubism usually features a good bit of texture, seeing as how Picasso and others didn't have Adobe Illustrator to create their pieces but rather a paintbrush and a canvas. I think the texture adds grip to the piece, and would look amazing in print.
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