Mom Genes Thrift is a lifestyle and clothing brand in Chattanooga, TN who provides vintage curated clothing and shoes to local thrift lovers and shoppers all over via Depop. Mom Genes features items with a bright and quirky 70s feeling. When I started working on branding Mom Genes, I wanted to highlight this 70s summery vibe, yet still keep the approachable feeling from being a scrappy IG brand. 
Moodboard & Sketches
My initial moodboard was inspired by 70s colors, vintage tile, sunrays, and, of course, mom jean butts. I tried a few different logo directions, but quickly gravitated towards a line drawing of the classic "mom jeans" rear silhouette, as the cult classic is easily recognizable, and one of the best sellers in the Mom Genes shop.  
Color Exploration
I explored a couple of options for colors: one a more muted fall-feeling with a more mature tone, and the other a more bright and summery feeling. Ultimately, the final color palette with bright 70s colors fit the brand.
Instagram Takeover
As part of my branding package, I created an Instagram takeover to showoff my client's new brand on her already thriving instagram. I added some pattern design elements in her brand colors as part of the grid so each post would have a graphic element of interest. 
Branding Guide
As part of my branding packages, I always create branding guides for my clients along with their logos that include typography for their brand and colors at a minimum. It's important to me as a designer to make my brands approachable and user-friendly for the client to be able to implement on their social media feeds and website.
Business Cards
In addition to the overall branding look, my client was also looking for a business card design that represented her feeling as a 70s vintage brand. I kept her business cards simple and to the point, but included some funky pattern elements, her tagline, and social media handles where she does all of her sales. 
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