My senior thesis art show focused on the words of sexual assault survivors who found their power again after their lives were changed in a moment.
Power is a fragile commodity. It can be taken in a moment, yet takes years to rebuild. To lose your power is to lose part of your identity. I know the pain of losing my power in a moment of helplessness. Fear gripping my body, being out of control of what happened next. I am joined in my pain by an entire community of incredibly strong human beings who have been through the darkest valleys and have made it to the other side. These pieces are real words from sexual assault survivors who have had their power taken from them in an unspeakable moment. From then on, we have been fighting to survive, to rebuild the shell of who we used to be. Part of regaining your power is finding your voice again. I believe these words symbolize the exact moment their authors realized their power was never gone in the first place, just buried under layers of trauma. Jessica found her voice as she addressed a courtroom with the backing of 160 other survivors. Emily found her voice in a letter she wrote to her abuser. I found my voice when I stopped trying to hide. I decided to dedicate my senior thesis to the words of survivors because these words are our survival, our power, and our freedom.
This is our story. This is my story. Believe us.



"Me Too."

My show was displayed at full size (24x36in) in the Lee University Communication Arts Building
After publishing my work on my personal Instagram, I had many requests to print posters. I now print them myself and sell them in my online store. If you would like to purchase a piece of my work, head over to my store!