Abundant Photography is a lifestyle photography company dedicated to good quality service and making clients feel like friends. Abundant Photography wants the client to feel love and have life “more abundantly.” Each interaction is absolutely personalized and full of life and vibrancy, and the branding of Abundant Photography seeks to match this feeling while remaining classic and timeless.
A bold, yet clean hand drawn typographic logo that can be used in many different forms. The logo is completely custom and form fits the Abundant Photography brand. The curves and straightforward type is indicative of the honest and custom work provided to an Abundant Photography client. 
initial sketches and brainstorming for the Abundant Photography brand.
I pulled a scan of my sketch into Illustrator and created a gridded guide and went in with the pen tool to do the rest.
At it’s core, the Abundant Photography brand is all about customer service, a personalized service, and making the client feel loved. Abundant Photography is professional and classy with a pop of spontaneity and fun, and the colors chosen display this. The bright coral brings warmth to the professional cool blues and gray culminating in a timeless and classic palette.
Two corresponding typefaces have been chosen to represent the Abundant Photography brand on varied platforms. Nexa Light and Nexa Light (all caps) are used interchangeably as headers and Aleo Regular as body text. All typefaces are open use and can be used without royalty on all platforms. 
Working with Halea was a dream. Check out her fabulous work here and here.